Blackbox Penetration Testing

Blackbox - Penetration Testing

Blackbox penetration test requires no prior information about the target network or application and is actually performed keeping it as a real world hacker attack scenerio. Even though, most of the times the testing team could have access to the application source code and or the other network elements, black box testing is still preferred because it not only catches all the low hanging fruit, but also enables the  security experts  to look at various other levels of security including the server level vulnerabilities.

This is usually the best approach because it enables our security team to think out of the box and perform tests on all levels and according to our practical expertise and knowledge. Our security experts will use all of the tricks and methodologies at their disposal in an effort to emulate the persistence, knowledge and expertise level of potential attackers.

In this process the hacker will be only provided with the company’s website or IP address. Therefore the ethical hacker simulates all web hacking techniques (e.g. Social Engineering, Network Scanning, remote access exploitation etc.) that would be used in a real life attempt to breach security.

The end goal is to verify the integrity of  our client’s network and applications and to proactively reduce risks that pose a direct threat from an insider / outsider hacker or other adversaries.

What are the advantages of the Blackbox security test procedure?

  • Real attack conditions
  • Versatile prospects & documentation
  • Not disclosing their projects or source codes
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