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In a source code analysis (review), the source code of a software, application, protocol or firmware is subjected to a manual inspection/check at the program code level to identify weaknesses, vulnerabilities, security-relevant weaknesses or backdoors. The security team of Evolution Security GmbH offers reliable and high-quality analyses and insights of source codes as well as normal program codes. We rely on an internal team of security testers and developers of security technologies to achieve the best possible results.

The prices for projects involving a source code analysis or a targeted specific source code check are generated from the following circumstances.

  • Programming language (C|C++|C#|Perl|Java|Python|Ruby|Delphi)
  • System scripting languages (Active Perl|Active Python|Active Ruby)
  • Web Programming Language (HTML|HTML5|PHP|ASP|Angular) or Web Scripting Language (VBS|JS|CF|Flash)
  • Software, service(s), hardware, model, protocol or web application
  • Size or number with size of files, libraries, modules, services, directories & websites
  • Period & time limits
  • Whitehat or Blackhat test procedure (Black Box / White Box)
  • Implementation, design & complexity
  • Special requests for requirements & measures to be fulfilled

We are happy to help you with the testing or analysis of programs, source codes, code snippets or the development of new projects. Our team also supports clients before the start of new productive systems by performing detailed security checks, while project procedures, deadlines or other restrictions can be met.

With our assignment you receive an innovative service to perform analyses in online services, web applications, software, operating systems or hardware components. Our business model allows us to perform various types of security tests and audits. We offer our research services for startups, productive systems, test/simulation systems or help to secure products in the development process.

Benefit from our knowledge or experience in the daily work with source codes. We are looking forward to your request for analysis and insight.

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