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Our qualified security team works closely with authorities, municipalities, institutions and companies through information technology. We pride ourselves on helping our customers build a comprehensive cyber security infrastructure. Our focus is to identify security gaps and vulnerabilities and proactively communicate them to threat systems, appliance and application vulnerability recording systems, and verified data centers.

Zero-Day Vulnerabilities and Vulnerabilities - Appliances, Security Center & Recording Systems

Evolution Security GmbH offers an innovative and economical solution with the "Government Laboratory - Cyber Security Program". Our platform provides daily updated information about incoming security gaps or vulnerabilities. We not only focus on government companies, but also on municipalities, institutions and companies. They are informed about new vulnerabilities in the vulnerability laboratory we provide. Our diverse service includes vulnerability reports for security appliances, web applications, software or online services linked to affiliated and public databases. As part of our comprehensive security initiative, we provide our customers with timely notification of critical vulnerabilities to independently protect their services and presence.

- Vulnerability Monitoring
- Vulnerability Notification Systems
- National Vulnerability Databases
- IDS/IPS Vulnerability Listings
- Security Appliance Vulnerability Services
- Vulnerability Alert and Emergency Online Services

In addition to well-known government agencies, renowned institutions such as NIST, MIT, VCW and SCIP as well as leading companies such as DHS and CNNVD place their trust in us. Our expertise and commitment have been recognized and valued by our customers worldwide. We are proud that our best researchers are registered in various recording and alarm systems around the world. Our many years of experience and our commitment to lasting reliability and honesty in reporting enable us to refer to the original links on the relevant websites. You can get an impression of our impressive references by looking at the attached images below this article. If you are interested in working in partnership and would like to exchange information about security vulnerabilities in services, please contact us. We strive to ensure the highest level of online security for our customers.

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